Monday, December 31, 2012

theHONDA CR-V STORY — It’s a Honda not a Hyundai by Amasing


Everyone has a “black sheep” in their family. Whether it’s an uncle, aunt, brother, sister, or that long distant cousin who no one ever talks about until something happens (bad or good). I’m no different! I have an estranged brother and a well-to-do younger sister. This is about the younger sister and her husband’s gift to my parents.

-No Cellphone Use In Classroom-

While at work, I keep getting text messages from my sister (I have it on vibrate). Being a teacher, I need to lead by example so I didn’t respond to these texts or even check my phone. If I forbid my students to have phones, I too should abide by my own rules. 

When time permitted, I checked the messages and it was my sister requesting that I send a copy of both of my parent’s driver’s license and that she needed them that day. No problem other than the fact that I don’t get home until around 11-11:30pm. I did the old scan and e-mail to my sister their licenses. 

The results:
Merry Christmas!

Ok, it wasn’t a Lexus (to remember) but it did come on a Friday before Christmas and it had a red ribbon on it as well. The true result was a 2013 Honda CR-V:

 Honda CR-V

Like the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, we all know someone that knows someone and we are all linked together. Kind of like the clubbing industry that this blog founder does. World peace and happy holidays all!by Amasing

Actor - Kevin Bacon

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