Sunday, December 2, 2012

theNutella® Story — The History of Nutella®

Nutella® (pronounced "new-tell-uh")

Once upon a time... ...I use to see jars of Nutella­® in Asian markets and/or ethic supermarkets while growing-up but never knew exactly what this Nutella-thing was. All I knew was that it was an imported breakfast product but that was about it. 

Fast-forward many years later, my roommate purchased a jar but I never bothered to even try. Why? Perhaps being unfamiliar w/ something or someone causes one to reject that thing or that person. Well, as the old saying goes, "It doesn't hurt to try."

Concurrent to the writing of this particular blog story, I have an empty, upside down 13 oz. jar of Nutella® — the previous jar that was purchased was a jumbo 26.5 oz. jar. You can say that I'm now nuts for Nutella®! — by theKONGLOG™

Nutella N' Strawberries

The History of Nutella®

Nutella® spread, in its earliest form, was created in the 1940s by Mr. Pietro Ferrero, a pastry maker and founder of the Ferrero company. At the time, there was very little chocolate because cocoa was in short supply due to World War II rationing.

So Mr. Ferrero used hazelnuts, which are plentiful in the Piedmont region of Italy (northwest), to extend the chocolate supply.

What is Nutella® spread?

Nutella® (pronounced "new-tell-uh") is a tasty unique spread made from the combination of roasted hazelnuts, skim milk and a hint of cocoa. Nutella® has no artificial colors or preservatives. It can be used on a wide variety of breads. Hazelnuts are a main ingredient in Nutella®. Each 13 oz. jar contains more than 50 hazelnuts.

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