Wednesday, December 19, 2012



Once upon a time... ...I arrived home from a night of partying like a rockstar w/ my homies & lady friends — feeling kind of mischievous, I grabbed a smoke bomb that was laying around in the kitchen and went to light the bad boy w/ the stove; which is approx. 6 feet away from the kitchen window.

After lighting a blue smoke bomb, I darted towards the window and transformed into an "imaginary" Derek Jeter — slinging my right-arm back in an attempt for a side-arm release of the smoke bomb into the street from my "wanna-be" penthouse apartment. 

Instead, the smoke bomb ricochets-off my window pane, bouncing back into the crib — near the corner of my stove and blue smoke began shooting-out all over the kitchen!

I ran like hell — taking refuge in the living room as the poor kitchen filled-up w/ blue smoke.

~The End~

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