Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What Would Jesus Do?

What Would Jesus Do?
by Amasing

The founder of this blog site specifically instructed me to NOT write about politics and religion. For those two topics can cause you to have no friends, get yourself killed, or both. This has something to do with religion, at least in terms of the subject matter. Pope Benedict XVI will now start posting messages on Twitter with the handle @pontifex.

With a little over 1 billion Catholics on earth, I wonder if he will have that many followers (no pun intended) on Twitter. What would Jesus do? Heaven yea he too would be on Twitter. The more people he could get to heaven, the more souls he saved. After all, he did die for our sins.

We live in the Information Age, the era of the 24 hour news cycle, and we have the ability to buy virtual real estate (that’s when you are too lazy to earn money or points in a game so you pay in real money for power ups, accessories, and anything else you can’t really touch). Jesus would offer us a free bible app for our smart phone but we must allow application access to these:

After all, like Santa, he knows if you are naughty or nice!

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