Wednesday, January 2, 2013

World's Most Muscular Dog? Dogo Argentino

And the World's Most Muscular Dog Award goes to...

...Dodo Argentino!

Anatomy of a Dogo Argentino

Head: The head of the Dogo Argentino is one of the most typical attributes of the breed. In longitudinal section it must have a concave-convex profile. The wide, massive cranium is longitudinally and transversely convex, due to relief created by the insertion of masticator muscles characteristic of prey dogs.

Eyes: Medium size, well separated between themselves and deeply set; dark or hazelnut colour, rimmed by black or flesh-coloured eyelids.

Nose: Strongly pigmented in black with a slight stop at the tip and ample nostrils.

Ears: On top of the head, either erect or semi-erect, of triangular shape and cropped, when not cropped middle length, broad thick, flat and on the end rounded.

Muzzle: Broad, deep ... slightly concave upward, proper of dogs with olfactory sense, capable of scenting high. Lips are closely fitting, taut, with free edges pigmented in black.

Mouth: Lips are closely fitting, taut, with free edges pigmented in black.

Chest: Ample and deep, giving the impression of big lungs.

Neck: Stout, arched and graceful, of moderate length, proportioned to body and head size. Should present loose skin under the throat which wrinkles... This becomes particularly useful during struggle; contender's fang or claw only injures skin, not flesh.

Body: Top line is highest on withers, smoothly sloping to the croup. Croup is muscular, round, broad and gently sloping. Underline well muscled, with only a slight to moderate tuck-up of the abdomen.

Hindquarters: Broad, with very muscular thighs and short rear pasterns. Normally angulated. Hind legs well apart and parallel.

Tail: Long and thick, tapers to the hock joint and is set moderately high and smoothly upwards, naturally down at rest and always raised while struggling with prey, in continuous lateral movement, as when greeting master.

Colour: Completely white, except one black spot allowed for the ears on the head.

Coat: Short and thick with a glossy sheen. Hair is stiff, coarse and of uniform length. A field conditioned coat or working scars should never be faulted.

Feet: Round and compact with short, tight, close-together toes, proportioned to paw size.

Dogo Argentino Breed
Dogo Argentino were originally breed for big game hunting

Size: Height measured at withers: By Male dogs: 62 to 68 cm. By female dogs: 60 to 65 cm.

Weight: From 88.2 to 99.2 lbs (40 to 45 kgs).

Forequarters: Forelegs are straight, thick and vertical; set wide apart. Shoulders tight, muscular and powerful. Elbows parallel to the body.

General Appearance: ' Harmonically beautiful within the physical parameters required to perform its duty.'

Hi -my name is Mud, and I just recently found a home

I like to sleep after hunting & playing

I like to cuddle as well

Dogo Argentino Puppies

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