Monday, January 14, 2013

"God Will’n" Mixtape by Juelz Santana | FREE Mixtape & Review

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God Will'n (2013) by Juelz Santana

Highly-anticipated & long-awaited "new" album mixtape "God Will'n" by Juelz Santana from Dip-Set.

It's clearly evident Juelz still has the ear to the streets w/ the selection of sick n' sinister soundscapes — production is far-beyond tight...


but, But, BUT — that is the norm from Dip-Set. Their history of beat selections & long-list of beat-makers heat-makers are –at times, second to none. [See: araabMUZIK, Just Blaze, Ty Fyffe, Skitzo, I.N.F.O., etc.]

Unfortunately, it's their lyrics & content that garners the most criticism but one may over-look the minor lack thereof that on this album mixtape — as there are way too many "epic" tracks to absorb in its first go-round.

Please note, it's been quite some time that I'm literally Blown Away (1994) by any Rap/Hip-Hop album but I'm hangin' on The Diplomatic flag pole for dear life...

...Juelz is back.

God Will'n (2013) by Juelz Santana

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