Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hollywood's Hottest Babes: Camilla Belle

Hollywood's Hottest Babes: Camilla Belle

Many may know Camilla Belle from her Hollywood break-out role in 10,000 BC (2005) but in fact, she got an early start in showbiz in a national print ad before the tender age of 1-yr-old.

She then appeared in two TV movies when she was only 5 but her big break came at 16, when she landed the role playing Daniel Day-Lewis' daughter in the film The Ballad of Jack and Rose (2005) — which led to When a Stranger Calls (2005), The Chumscrubber (2005), Push (2008) & From Prada to Nada (2011).

She currently has a slate of films in various stages of production. Camilla Belle (1/2 American & 1/2 Brazillian) was born on October 2nd, 1986 and raised in Los Angeles, California as Camilla Belle Routh. Her mother –Cristina, is a Brazilian fashion designer and her father –Jack, owns a construction company. is fluent in Portuguese.

DID YOU KNOW? Belle was named after actress Renata Sorrah's character – Camila, on the Brazilian soap opera Cavalo de Aço (1973).

Known for her dark, defined eye-brows, she helped lead the charge for The Bang Craze of the New Millennium. Belle made People magazine's 2011 list of Most Beautiful People in the World. She has also dabbled in her mother's high-fashion world, modeling for Vera Wang's Princess fragrance along w/ many magazine covers & photo shoots. 

Belle is no stranger to tabloids — many implying that she's only interested in "pure" celebrities. She dated Joe Jonas from 2008 -to- 2009 before he ditched his "purity ring" which is symbolic of a person's pledge to remain a virgin until marriage.

And most recently been rumored to be dating Tim Tebow of the New York Jets — who also said he's saving himself for marriage. Camilla attended Catholic school, followed by an all-girls school and so, there might be some truth to that.

Camilla Belle is sensuous, radiant, and a natural beauty — certified as One of Hollywood's Hottest Babes.
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