Monday, January 28, 2013

Nike Air Force 1 Downtown Collection

AF1's - White-on-White

My All-Time Favorite Sneaker is Nike's Air Force 1's a.k.a. Air Force Ones a.k.a. AF1's

AF1's - Black
Although I am a retired "wanna-be" Sneaker Head, I felt as though Nike's Air Force Ones had been replaced most recently by Nike's Dunks.

[Note: As I painstakingly, agree that Dunks are more aesthetically pleasing to the eye in a FASHION SENSE, I prefer Air Force Ones because they gave me –a much needed, extra three-inches.]

In 2002, platinum-rapper Nelly released the song “Air Force Ones” and the video shows Nelly and his crew the St. Lunatics buying & wearing Air Force Ones.

Then in 2005, fellow platinum-selling rap artist Young Jeezy released a bonus track called, "Air Forces" in what seemed to be the pinnacle of Nike Air Force Ones' popularity — which is absolutely amazing for a sneaker-line that were first released 30+ years ago in 1982. 

Nike Air is a revolutionary idea of using the
lightest cushioning material —air.
Nike's Air units work by trapping air molecules
inside a durable urethane shell. With each footstrike,
the air unit compresses to reduce the force of impact,
then immediately recovers its shape to be ready
for the next landing.

In fact, Nike Air Force Ones have been released so many times that no collector has one of every pair of AF1's — not even Fat Joe. With an endless array limited edition colorways, celebrity exclusives, and special holiday shoes — not one person has a good estimate of how many Nike Air Force Ones has ever been made.

DID YOU KNOW? AF1's were the very first Nike shoes to have a full-length air sole.

Today, Nike continues to push the Air Force 1 envelope.

In efforts to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the classic sneaker, Nike will be releasing "new" low-profile versions — introducing a more slim & sleek renditions called, "Air Force 1 Downtown

Nike Air Force 1 Downtown Collection:
Nike Air Force 1 Downtown QS - "Zebra"

Nike Air Force 1 Low Downtown - Fighter Jet

Nike Air Force 1 Downtown LTH QS - Flight Gold / Varsity Red - "Iron Man"

Nike Air Force 1 Downtown Collection

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