Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Alex Rodriguez Undergoes Successful Hip-Surgery

Alex Rodriguez | #13 | 3B | New York Yankees

14x All-Star | 3x AL MVP | 2x Gold Gloves
1x World Series Ring
theKONGBLOG™ — New York Yankees star third baseman Alex Rodriguez — One of the Greatest Baseball Players of Our Generation recently underwent successful surgery for a severely injured hip on Wednesday, January 16th, 2013. 

Excuses notwithstanding, A-Rod's doctor (Dr. Bryan Kelly – Hospital for Special Surgery) stated the left hip muscles "just shut down" during New York Yankees 2012 Playoff run.

He also added, "is a developmental problem that leads to structural mechanics that predisposes people to injury…this has nothing to do with performance-enhancing drugs. Steroids don't change the shape of your bones."

A-Rod tosses bat after a disastrous
2012 ALCS performance vs. Tigers
Please note, Rodriguez had right-hip surgery in 2009 and Kelly says the Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI) condition he suffers from, "occurs during the developmental phase of the formation of the hip joint," when A-Rod was an infant until he was 15 — in addition to the stress placed on the hip-joint during the course of A-Rod's Hall Of Fame baseball career.

More specifically, the surgery that was performed by Dr. Kelly on Alex Rodriguez's damaged left-hip "went as planned and without complication," — technically-speaking, the surgery was to repair a torn labrum and an impingement in the hip-socket. 

For aspiring doctors & surgeons, the surgery was an arthroscopic procedure — involves making three small incisions in Rodriguez's hip, penetrating three layers of muscle, inserting a camera to assess the damage, implanting an anchor in the top of the hip and reattaching the torn labrum to it — thus reshaping the femoral head of the hip to provide greater range of motion — repairing as much of the cartilage damage as possible.

The New York Yankees expect to have their $275 million third baseman back on the baseball field sometime after the All-Star break in 2013.

It will be an intriguing & interesting comeback after struggling mightily in the 2012 American League Championship Series against the Detroit Tigers — going 5-for-43 w/ 18 strikeouts along w/ being pinched-hit for 3 times by manager Joe Giradi — generating a plethora of boos, complaints and controversy in post-season.

"Thumbs-up," from the Yankees captain

Again –excuses notwithstanding, atleast he can blame his hip for such a porous October run.


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