Saturday, January 19, 2013

The True Live Strong by Amasing

As we are now seeing the fallout and fall from grace cyclist Lance Armstrong admitting to enhancing performance drugs and blood doping (increasing your blood supply so your body can carry more oxygen), we should be reminded of the REAL American cyclist Greg LeMond.

Greg LeMond known really as Gregory James LeMond is a two time UCI World Road Championship or commonly known as the World Cycling Championship and three times Tour de France winner (compared to seven times “cheat” Lance Armstrong).

Who has sworn repeatedly that he does NOT use enhancing drugs. LeMond is the first American to win the Tour de France and due to Armstrong’s shame, the ONLY American to win the tour. Not only is LeMond a world class cyclist, he has contributed to the sport aero handlebars and carbon fiber bicycle frames. So, let’s break away from cheaters and reflect on the true athletes who have shown courage to not:

This is a 1979 inspiring movie not just about cycling, but about going after your dreams, love, and growing up:

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