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World's Meanest Animal? The Honey Badger: Pound-For-Pound The Baddest & Strongest

Honey Badgers: World's Meanest Animal 


Listed as the “World’s Most Fearless Creature” by
Guinness Book of World Records
The honey badger is considered by many wildlife experts to be (pardon my French) the meanest mother-f*cker alive — garnering the title as "World's Most Fearless Creature" by the Guinness Book of World Records. 

"Wee! Wee!!" "Oui! Oui!!"

Also known as the ratel — not to be confused w/ a wolverine, they both share striking similarities esp. in the vivacious & voracious department.

Although many compare the two, wolverines are usually 2-3 times larger — but wild animal experts are quick to point that badgers are completely immune to poisonous snake venom while their counterparts may possess some but not all immunity to snake venom.

As member of the skunk/weasel family, badgers are also armed w/ the same anal scent glands as their skunk relatives. These vicious carnivores are powerful and unrelenting hunters who will eat — by crushing & devouring anything, just about anything that moves, in order to survive.

Aside from being a formidable predator who's at the tippity-top of the food chain, honey badgers are also powerful, resourceful and versatile scavengers.

Overall, these fearless, stubborn and witty creatures are extremely compact and were bred to be fierce & relentless — they have been known to stand their ground even against lions.

"I pity the fool!"


Mainly found throughout Africa and in parts of Asia including India and the Middle East, badgers live in forests and grasslands and even some of the most desolate areas in the world; such as deserts. They usually live in small burrows that they dig themselves by using their thick, front legs and razor-sharp clawsdigging burrows approx. 9 feet long and 5 feet deep.


Honey Badgers takes no prisonerskilling and eating some of the most poisonous snakes on Planet Earth. They will fight King Cobras and Puff Adders to the death without any consideration to the dangers of being bitten. They are also immune to the bite and venom of these extremely poisonous snakes.

Honey Badger snacking on an African Puff Adder
NOTE: One of the most lethally venomous snakes known to humans — the Puff Adder's venom may paralyze the Honey Badger for a couple of hours but their immune system helps revive them seemingly back to life.

They earned their name from eating the larvae of African Honey Bees a.k.a. African Killer Bees. To do this, the Badger rips open the bees' hive w/ their claws and endure countless stings from these deadly insects in order to dine on their sugar-sweet nectar.

They will also hunt a variety of other animals including porcupines, meerkats, insects, birds, lizards, snakes, gazelles and even smaller crocodiles. It is not just their vicious nature and muscular jaws that makes the Honey Badger such a great predator, they are very intelligent and witty — extremely adept at scavenging as well.


Remarkably, their skin is both considerably loose and
incredibly tough — the ultimate formula for protection. If something attacks them from behind, they can turn completely around to fend off the attacker...the Badger can weigh as much as 30 pounds and reach sizes between 24-30 inches long from head to the beginning of the tail...the tail can reach an additional 12-inches in length.

Life expectancy in the wild is not yet known, badgers have been documented to live up to 25 years in captivity. Although they have a similar appearance to a skunk (their color is mainly black, except for the white stripe down their back) their legs are shorter yet thicker, stronger and wider than their smelly counterparts.

Honey badgers are extremely territorial and are "infamous" for their strength, ferocity and toughness. When pressured, they've been known to fearlessly defend themselves against almost any kind of animal — and when cornered or put in a situation that seems impossible to escape, they become even more relentless and transform into 'savage mode!' 

Reports have surfaced -during recent years, showcasing fearless & ferocious badgers combating & repelling against much larger predators such as leopards, lions and other wild cats.

They are tireless in combat and can wear out much larger animals in physical confrontations; which is why bears & lions would often by-pass the opportunity to battle one — for the fight may be too much.

Bottom-line, "Honey Badge Clan Ain't Nuttin' To F*ck Wit!"

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