Friday, February 15, 2013

Hakeem Olajuwon & LeBron James Training Sessions 2011 [VIDEO]

"Infamous" Lost Tapes:
Hakeem Olajuwon and LeBron James Training Sessions 2011

After the Dallas Mavericks exposed some of Miami's limitations by zoning in the 2011 Finals, LeBron James sought the help of the Dream Shake and his game did evolve — enabling him to take his game to the post, draw double-teams and kick-the-ball back-out to the outside as the Heat picked Oklahoma City apart.

Olajuwon is one of the finest back-to-the-basket/low-post NBA scorers ever, but it's the decision-making & ability to rapidly scan through options in the post that separates good players -vs- elite players.

i.e. When is the double coming? Do I pass-out-of-it or quickly make my move-away-from-it? Which defender is most likely to help on me when I make my move? Where do I go exactly? Over which shoulder?

All of this constitutes playing on the block and it seemed to have paid-off — LeBron's improved post-up ability is credited as a major reason the Heat won the NBA title.

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