Saturday, February 23, 2013

How to be an Alpha Male Koala on Nature | PBS

How to be an Alpha Male Koala

This intriguing "never-seen-before" video segment by Nature | PBS offers viewers ring-side seats to a territorial battle for dominance between two male koalas.

DID YOU KNOW? Koalas are the only mammal who basically survives off of eucalyptus leaves — their preferred food of choice. Since they have high-metabolism and their bodies store very little fat, koalas are notorious for sleeping up-to-16 hours per day in order to conserve energy.

Koalas are normally mild-mannered creatures — spending approx. five-hours a day eating and the rest of their time dozing & resting in tree-tops to retain & save their energy. Like most animals, Koalas live within a social hierarchy and males battle for territory and for mating rights w/ the female koalas.

DON'T GET IT TWISTED...these huggable & lovable native creatures of Australia transform into mean son-of-a-guns esp. during the summer mating season.

The vast majority of "square-offs" between rival koala males involve mainly bellowing and posturing — the deeper the bellows, the more impressive — used to "fend-off" would-be intruders but occasionally, two males would have to take the gloves-off and battle one-on-one w/ powerful claws and sharp teeth.

Eventually, one combatant gives-up and surrenders — while the winner broadcasts his victory to the colony w/ more bellowing and posturing.

Cute — yes.
Vicious — when push comes to shove.

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