Wednesday, February 6, 2013

LOVE vs. HATE: VOL. 14

1. I love it when you got not one but two b*tches that be on your d*ck at the same time! (I'm just dreaming here, "Toto?")

2. I hate it when you're ironing your "new" outfit but the mother-f*ckin' iron stains your "new" piece of garment...I'MMA F*CKIN' SUE BLACK N' DECKER!

3. I love it when you buy an "exclusive" pair-of-kicks that absolutely no one feel like the man!

4. I hate it when you buy a hot "new" pair of kicks that the next n*gga has...oh come on man! I'm gonna friggin' return it!

5. I love it when you're in the middle of road rage & you're the one who cuts the person who you're road ragin' against OFF! "Wooo-hoooooooo!! I'm dee mannnnn!!"

6. I hate it when you have to pee so bad, your bladder & the tip of your wee-wee hurts! Ooooooooh, the pain!!

7. I love it when you finally get some really good sleep and wake-up w/ boundless & limitless amounts of energy! I AM REFRESHED & READY TO GO!!

8. I hate it when you're taking a shower then all of a sudden the water goes from hot-to-cold at the snap of a finger...AYYYYYYEEEEEE-EE!

9. I love it when you finally do your laundry (after a month) and now have clean n' fresh clothes for weeks! ♫ So fresh & so clean (clean) ♫

10. I hate it when you've taken one of those dumps that you keep wiping-your-A$$ but there's still sh*t on the toilet paper! GRRRRRRRrrrr-rr! (Sup w/ the never-ending stain? LMAO's)

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