Thursday, February 14, 2013


Once upon a time... was a rather slow night at One of My Afterwork Events in New York City. But then suddenly –from out of the blue, one of my childhood boys hits-me-up and tells me he got 4 random 'shorties' that wanna hang and chill-out.


I invited them to my Afterwork Party and pre-ordered a FREE complimentary bottle of vodka for when they arrive.

Upon their arrival, we all greeted each other and the atmosphere was very chipper. Well, that was until the bottle of vodka arrived.

Please note –as a club promoter, I normally get "top-shelf" bottles 'on the house' but for whatever reason, it was the bottle pictured below:]

Tito's Handmade Vodka [Price Range: $17 - $25]

My table consisted of 4 girls & 3 guys and the bottle was being demolished like camels discovering an oasis after several weeks in the unforgiving desert sun.

Tito's Vodka is 40 proof...a very smooth forty.
'What the f*ck is this?'   'What is this cheap-*ss vodka?'

'You can't even taste the liquor...'

'Are we getting another bottle? This is almost done.'

Those murmurs was actually getting to me but what can you do? Even I was like, "What the f*ck is Tito's Vodka?"

_____ __

Fast forward several months later to my birthday... of my best friends invited me to pre-game at his "fancy" studio apartment in Brooklyn Heights. Upon my arrival, he asked if I wanted a drink and I said, "Anything will do, I had a stressful day!"

As we began sippin', he mentioned, 'By the way, you're drinking Tito's Vodka.'

~The End~

Hold-up, wait a minute! The story doesn't end there. Just a few days ago I went to my neighborhood liquor store - Caesars Wine & Spirits in Brooklyn; which I believe is one of the largest and finest in the New York City area.

Similar to Zagat Ratings for restaurants, they have their own cue cards w/ ratings placed in front of their top picks — majority of them were between 85 - 100 points.

Santa Margherita 
My absolute favorite red wine called Fuego has a rating of 88 points while my favorite white wine Santa Margarita received 90 points. As I was browsig in the vodka section, why did I see a bottle of Tito's Vodka? I almost bust laughing but I saw 91 points on their cue card.

Come again.

To make a long story shorter, Tito's Vodka has created a remarkable buzz in the Wine & Spirits Industry.

Wine Enthusiast® Score out of 100 points

– Tito's® Handmade Vodka 95 pts
– Ketel One® 89 pts
– Absolut® 84 pts
– Belvedere® 84 pts
– Grey Goose® 84 pts

Wait a minute, hold up! Before you roll your eyes and give that jargon about how liquor can be falsely advertised (See: Belvedere Sues Grey Goose Over 'Misleading' Ad Claims 'World's Best Tasting Vodka'), I can honestly say, after purchasing a bottle of Tito's Homemade Vodka and taste-testing a 750 ml bottle in the past several days, I can truthfully say, "Tito's Handmade Vodka is One of the Best Tasting Vodka I ever had!"

And this is coming from a person who probably helped consume more bottles of "premium/top-shelf" vodkas than you and your whole entire family combined. If you disagree, I'm pretty confident in my bold claim and beer-muscled statement and that I'll put my money where my mouth is — but in the meantime, I'll put the exceptionally clean and impeccably smooth bottle of Tito's Vodka where my mouth is.

~The End~

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