Friday, March 15, 2013

102-Carat Perfect Diamond to be Auctioned by Christie's

The 101.73-carat, pear-shaped diamond was cultivated last year at Botswana's Jwaneng mine, co-owned by the government and De Beers.

Approx. 102 carats

"One of the world's most perfect diamonds" — a new colour-less, pear-shaped ginormous gemstone weighing approx.101.73 carats will be put up for auction on May 15th, 2013 in Geneva by the "infamous" Christie'.

In the rough, the diamond was 236 carats when it was extracted from the Jwaneng mine in Botswana, before it was meticulously sculpted for 21 months — the diamond "has literally been sculpted like a work of art," Rahul Kadakia, who heads Christie's jewellery division in Switzerland and the Americas, said in a statement, describing the gem as "one of the most beautiful 'white' diamonds Christie's has ever had the honour of offering for sale."

Christie's to auction 'perfect' new 102-carat diamond

The American Institute of Gemology has handed the gemstone the top colourless grade "D" and the best clarity grade, "flawless," Christie's said, also hailing the diamond's "absolute symmetry".

Currently, the reigning champion is the Cullinan Diamond, a gemstone weighing a whopping 530.2 carats — which is part of the British crown jewels.  

Before going on sale in Geneva, the "new" diamond will go on tour to New York and Hong Kong in April '13. I wonder what type of armed guards forces will be hired to protect the little shiny rock?

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