Tuesday, March 19, 2013

FASHION SENSE: Women's Boots

Dr. Martens Women's Originals Collection

Once upon a time... ...I was a rather poor "non-interested/un-engaging" high school student at Midwood's Medical Science Institute — I mean, do I even look like a Med-Sci student?

Jesus Christ,
my high school years were a diaster!

One of the few highlights was having class w/ a heavy metal chick who was dope as hell!

Fine as wine.
Smile as bright as the sunshine.

Her M.O. was mostly denim n' black outfits w/ Dr. Martens

Made famous via the "Bonnie N' Clyde '03" video feat. Jay-Z & BeyoncĂ©

T'is a story to be shared... ...and this damsel was a Hip-Hop Princess.

Trophy wife to athletes.
Principle role for Hip-Hop/R&B music videos.

Her M.O. was the latest upscale-urban outfits w/ Manolo Blahniks

In addition Hunter Boots Socks Unisex Fleece Warm Wellingtons Welly

T'was a tale to be told... ...and this fair maiden was a Modern Day Hipster.

Pretty exotic and geeky bright.
Jessica Alba -meets- Angelina Jolie.

Her M.O. are Hunter - Original Short Wellington

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