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China's National Dish: Peking Duck

Roast duck is a staple of Chinese cuisine, culture and customs. Although there are a few variations, its origins can be traced to the "world-famous" Peking Duck from Beijing.

Unlike how Westerners bust-out turkey during Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays, roast duck is enjoyed year-round and is currently considered a National Dish of China.

Beijing/Peking duck has been prepared since the Imperial Era of China — ducks bred carefully and raised specially for the dish are slaughtered after 65 days and seasoned before being roasted in a closed or hung oven.

 Big Wong on Mott Street in Chinatown has perhaps the best roast duck in the city

Roast duck seen at "authentic" Chinese restaurants typically hang the duck upside down so the fat and grease can drip to the bottom of a sauce pan.

[Note: They are usually displayed in this manner so that customers may pick and choose which bird they'd like to bring home via take-out: quarter-roast duck, half-roast duck or whole roast duck w/ prices ranging from i.e. $4.75 -to- $8.50 -to- $16.00 respectively.

Quality roast duck are usually shining date-red in color, juicy and tender in flavorBeijing Roast Duck is characterized by its extra-crispy skin and rich texture.

Roast duck over white rice w/ a side of Chinese
Vegetable of the Day: Bok choy or Chinese broccoli

Once upon a time... ...I began working in the "world-renown" Diamond District situated on the 47th Street in the New York City. Almost 99% of the diamonds imported in the U.S. are bought by New Yorkers. Approx. 2,600 jewelers and merchants operate their business in the Diamond District which makes it the largest diamond market in the US. and one of the busiest markets in the world.

Hing Won
(49 West 48th Street / 5th & 6th Avenues)
As luck would have it, I discovered an "authentic" Chinese restaurant called Hing Won literally one street over. My prayers for "real" Chinese (not four chicken wings over french fries w/ extra-hot sauce and ketchup) has been answered — my urge for "true" Chinese cuisine has been satisfied.

In fact, my love for "authentic" Chinese food has spread like wildfire — contaminating and infecting the palate and taste buds of my co-workers. They have been ordering lunch from Hing Won a few times per week and I have been providing them w/ some personal selections suggesting some of the best "authentic" dishes for them to savor.

As a matter of fact, one of my best buds asked me for the cross streets of the aforementioned restaurant — he works across the street from Grand Central Terminal is walking 10 city blocks just so he can enjoy a roast duck noodle soup from Hing Won for lunch...how 'bout that?

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