Friday, March 15, 2013

Lil Wayne Reported Dead by TMZ: HACK -or- TABLOID

Sensational journalism at its sleaziest / outrageous tabloids at its trashiest
or is TMZ the news-portal of the future?

Lil Wayne Says He's OK After TMZ Reports He Was Getting Last Rites

Lil Wayne suffered seizures earlier in the week while on a video shoot and left the hospital after treatment. He had more seizures tonight and was rushed to the hospital. According to TMZ, one of Lil Wayne’s bodyguards found him unconscious and rushed him back to the hospital, where they found high levels of codeine in his system.

While the TMZ report first said Wayne was receiving last rites, they eventually deleted that part of the story. — Forbes

Later, Mack Maine tweeted:

And Birdman added this tweet:

Which was all topped by a tweet from Lil Wayne himself:

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