Monday, March 4, 2013

MTA's Screwery Continues

MTA's Fare Hike in 2013

MTA's Screwery Continues

Monday mornings are the roughest day of the week for me — and thanks to the MTA, that statement continues to hold true.

For approx. 4-of-the-5 years living at my current apartment, I use to walk approx. 4 - 5 blocks every morning to an outdoor "open-cut" subway stationuntil I recently discovered a new & improved route

Hopping onto the MTA bus (Note: Bus stop is literally a few yards in front of my building) which takes me within a few yards to a different outdoor "elevated" subway station.

"Wait for me!"

As I "peeled-out" of my master bedroom 2 minutes past 8am, I ran towards a city bus that was attempting to "peel-out" — I knocked loudly w/ my knuckles, ((( KNOCK-KNOCK--KNOCK!!! )))

MTA's MetroCard replaced
tokens in 1993
The grumpy bus driver looked annoyed that someone had the nerve to make him release his foot from the accelerator, apply the brakes and open the door. I said, "Thank you," and proceeded to insert my MetroCard into the machine: $2.25 PAID

"You owe another .25¢ cent..."

Like really?

I do recall falling asleep to CBS News' coverage of the most recent MTA fare hike:

Much to the chagrin commuters, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's latest round of fare and toll hikes went into effect on Sunday, March 3rd, 2013. The single-ride fare for subways and buses is up a quarter from $2.25 -to- $2.50 while the 7-day card went up a dollar from $29.00 -to- $30.00 and the 30-day MetroCard went from $104.00 -to- $112.00.

And to pour more salt in the wound, the MTA is also now charging one dollar for each new MetroCard bought at a vending machine or station booth — basically a $1 penalty for not helping the MTA and the rest of the world: GO GREEN

MTA subway cars by Bombardier Inc. – Montreal-based plane & train maker

INSIDE KNOWLEDGE: There were no fare increases for the first 44 years of the MTA's existencebelow is the chronological history of fare hikes on the city subways and buses.

1904: subway opens, fare of .05¢ cents

1948: increases to .10¢ cents

1953: .15¢ cents; fares now apply to bus lines

1966: .20¢ cents

1970: .30¢ cents

1972: .35 cents

1975: .50¢ cents

1980: .60¢ cents

1981: .75¢ cents

1984: .90¢ cents

1986: $1.00

1990: $1.15

1992: $1.25

1995: $1.50

1997: Free transfers between buses & subways begin.

1998: Unlimited-ride MetroCards introduced. A 30-day card costs $63.00

2003: Single-ride fare increases to $2.00 30-day MetroCard increases to $70.00

2009: Single-ride fare increases from $2.00 to $2.25, 30-day MetroCard goes up to $89.00 from $81.00

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