Thursday, March 14, 2013

Nike Dunk Low Pro SB Hemp Pack Series

Nike Dunk Low Pro SB – Wine Hemp / Burgundy Hemp

Perhaps my all-time favorite pair of Nike Dunks  — The Nike Dunk Low Pro SB – Wine Hemp / Burgundy Hemp (Jersey Gold / Real Mahogany) is constructed & crafted from a beige hemp material, features burgundy accents and gum rubber for the mid-sole.

Hemp is a widely cultivated Asian herb (Cannabis sativa) w/ a tough bast fiber for various uses

The hemp material is very breathable; acting like an air conditioner for the sneaker wearer — a unique line of Nike SBs (Skateboarding) — one of the most popular among sneakerheads and is part of a three-color Hemp Pack.

Nike Dunk Low Pro SB – Blue Hemp / Cascade Hemp

Includes two different-colored pair of laces

[Released Date: March 2004]

[Retail Price: $110.00]

Nike Dunk Low Pro SB – Bonsai Hemp / Green Hemp (Natural Hemp / Bonsai)

As rumor has it...approx. only 420 of the aforementioned Green Hemp Dunks were made — an collectible and "must-have" for sneakerheads.

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