Friday, March 8, 2013

Samsung Youm — the Next Mobile Revolution?

The historical year was 2007, Apple launched their iconic iPhone — its iOS operating system (i.e. slide, swipe, tap, pinch, etc.) & 3.5-inch touchscreen released the stranglehold of RIM's Blackberry on the World Wide Mobile Federation.

Apple introduced an "all-in-one" mobile device — providing its users w/ a multi-touch screen and a virtual keyboard. Google's Android and the iPhone's functionality along w/ it's "ultra-sleek" designs eventually buried RIM's BB — both help revolutionize the smartphone industry in a hostile take-over of epic proportions.

Several years later, gadget geeks & smartphone fanatics are still waiting for the next big thing...the next leap forward in mobile design. 

Thinner, lighter — virtually unbreakable

Perhaps the Samsung Youm will be the next to revolutionize the smartphone industry...perhaps.

The OLED display uses an indestructible and extremely thin plastic instead of glass — making the screen pliable, bendable and almost unbreakable screen.

Samsung Youm — the next mobile revolution? Only time will tell.

Currently, the top-selling smartphones are pretty much equal in their features — they all perform at a "high-level" and Blackberry has since been regulated to playing catch-up. 

Mobile-tech giants are now racing against time to develop the next "Blackberry" or "iPhone/Android" and the race towards innovation has only begun... be continued.

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