Saturday, March 9, 2013

Who Is The DirecTV® Girl?

DirecTV Genie

Once Upon A Time...

...I was dozing-off while watching the tube screen but then suddenly, my eyes dilated wide-open like I just inhaled a mound pound-off of Tony Montana's desk.

My jaw-dropped and froze — to the point of lock-jaw.

Low & behold, One of the Most Awe Inspiring Sights I Have Ever Witnessed — the DirecTV® commercial model.

Who is she?

Who is the DirecTV® girl w/ the hypnotic eyes?

After typing in "DirecTV genie" on Google Search, the following appears:

Hannah Davis' Instagram

And it is not to my surprise that either Derek Jeter, Leonardo DiCaprio or perhaps Lenny Kravitz would be been my Top 3 picks or candidates — or perhaps suitors that I would have bet money on.

Life's not fair...
...not fair at all, "Sigh."

Not much is (was) known about Hannah Davis for she is a rookie model who is apparently making waves in the modeling industry — more like typhoons tsunami.

Hannah Davis w/ a Sports Illustrated mag
She also has a few top-tier modeling campaigns under her belt w/ Ralph Lauren, Sports Illustrated and the coveted Victoria's Secret. We'll continue to keep-you-posted and up-to-date w/ her latest offerings — as well as The Captain's Comeback Return.

Until then, "Let's play ball!"

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