Friday, March 22, 2013

World's Cutest Animal: Meerkats

Meet the Meerkats
  • A meerkat is a squirrel-sized mammal more related to mongooses and live mostly in Africa and Southern Asia
  • Meerkats make their homes in burrows in the plains & deserts — their long, thin body is an advantage for scooting through a burrow
  • Meerkats have as many as 50 different alarm calls to identify different kinds of predators — calling-out warnings when danger approaches
  • Meerkats in a very social and always look-out and have each other's backs — young pups often tag along w/ grown meerkats who are busy searching for a meal; they let out "high-pitched" squeals and are fed by a fellow meerkat (even when the youngsters aren’t their own) 
  • Meerkats make it a daily habit of coming-out of their burrow to warm-up in the sun — they tan standing upright and avoid artificial tanning salons
  • Meerkats homes can be ginormous — their burrows stretching-over an area equal to approx. three school buses parked end-to-end; some burrows are found to contain up to 90 entrances 
  • Meerkat eyes have special coverings that act like protective glasses, keeping-out dirt while digging while their ears can close down to prevent soil from clogging them
  • Meerkats are "world-renown" for their teamwork esp. during child-care — nearly everyone in the group, both male & female, take turns baby-sitting — no questions asked...they even baby-sit for free.
Millions of Meerkats in the Oscar-winning film — Life of Pi (2012)

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