Friday, April 26, 2013

Barry Larkin's Son – Shane Larkin: Creating His Own Path

University at Miami's star point-guard: Shane Larkinson of Hall of Fame baseball player: Barry Larkin, who grew-up around baseball but eventually shunned his father's sport to excel on the hardwood floor.

Dad: Shane Larkin to enter draft — ESPN

"Shane Larkin was still in grade school when the Cincinnati Reds began grooming him for the big leagues.
The son of a shortstop, Larkin enjoyed hanging out with the Reds at spring training and receiving tutorials on hitting from such experts as Pete Rose and Tony Perez.
Then one year he returned home to Orlando, Fla., and his Little League coach insisted Larkin's swing was all wrong.
In frustration, Larkin gave up baseball.
"It kind of crushed me," says his father, Hall of Famer Barry Larkin. "I laugh about it now, but I'll tell you, I was bent out of shape about it."
While dad was mad, the Miami Hurricanes are delighted with Larkin's decision to focus on basketball.
A sophomore this season, Larkin has blossomed into perhaps the best point guard in the Atlantic Coast Conference."

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