Monday, April 22, 2013

"Enforcer" – Leeway

"Enforcer" – Leeway

The man's got the magnum
Bows down to none
Cops and cowboys is his life
And everything he's won
No matter how he slices
Any which way but loose
Action is his vice
Adrenalin his juice

Leeway (Astoria, New York) has been credited for creating Hardcore Punk + Thrash Metal = Crossover
Turn around face me
Gravedigger you better make it three
Turn around face me
The good, the bad, and the ugly

While Justin Bieber was asking fans to through cell phones onto the stage,
Eddie Sutton was asking NYHC fans to throw him back on stage

Do whatever I say c'mon and make my day
A fistful of dollars is what you're gonna pay
And hell followed with him
The pale rider destined
Spit from his jaw
And Josey's never questioned

"Enforcer" was featured on the playlist of the "L.C.H.C" (Liberty City Hardcore) Radio Show
in the 2008 Grand Theft Auto IV video game

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