Monday, April 15, 2013


Bull Penis

 In Taiwan, an unusual and taboo dinner treat is for sale: bull penis. 
© National Geographic

Bull penis has become a more popular delicacy in recent years

Once upon a time... friends were bar-hopping around Astor Place/St. Mark's neighborhood of Manhattan, New York. They got hungry and began looking for a place to have dinner — eventually choosing a sushi restaurant. The menu arrived after getting seated but they didn't see anything on the menu relating to sushi — instead, they saw the most disgusting and outlandish items on the menu — bull penis, bugs and spiders!

It's my assumption that they ordered bull penis because they were feeling brave a.k.a. beer muscles. Whatever the case may be, my childhood boys were the very first people I know to have dared to try the "infamous" bull penis.

~The End~

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