Monday, April 29, 2013

The Tim Tebow Circus Is Over

Tim Tebow's Era in New York is done.
The Tim Tebow Circus in New York is finally over.

The New York Jets had a busy weekend — selecting Geno Smith w/ the 39th Pick in the 2nd Round of the 2013 NFL Draft — signifying the end of the Tebow Era. The Jets have a plethora of quarterbacks to choose from: Mark Sanchez, David Garrard, Greg McElroy, Matt Simms and now, Geno Smith.

General manager: John Idzik and head coach: Rex Ryan informed Tebow Monday morning at the Jets facility that they were releasing the former 1st round, 25th pick star quarterback from the Florida Gators. 

"We have a great deal of respect for Tim Tebow," Ryan said in a statement. "Unfortunately, things did not work out the way we all had hoped. Tim is an extremely hard worker, evident by the shape he came back in this offseason. We wish him the best moving forward.”

If Tebow isn’t claimed off waivers, the Jets will owe him $1.5 million from the trade w/ the Denver Broncos in 2011-12. The Jets cleared about $1 million in salary cap space by parting ways with Tebow.

Although Rex Ryan & Co. had big plans last summer after the Jets traded away a 4th-round draft pick for Tebow — dreams of a Wildcat Offense w/ Tony Soprano at the offensive-coordinating helm — but his presence proved to be a distraction that stunted Sanchez’s growth. 

Shirtless in Seattle Cortland
Tebow's every move was dissected by the New York Media — his shirt-less run in the rain during training camp grabbed headlines and his every move seemed to be a major distraction for the Jets Organization.

A year after Tebow captivated the NFL with a magical run to the playoffs w/ the Broncos, he was a non-factor with the Jets. 

The Jets tried out Tebow as a quarterback, H-back and even as a personal punt protector, but he never became anything more than a foot-note on an awful team.

Although the Jets praised Tebow's work ethic, the majority of people in the organization felt as if his heroics in Denver were just that — miracles.

Miracles can't happen every game — especially in the National Football League.

In the 2012-13 season, Tebow completed only six of eight passes and had 32 carries for 102 yards and no touchdowns in 77 snaps last season.

"Bye-bye Tebow, good luck!"

Tebow’s future in the NFL remains bleak. Although the Jacksonville Jaguars were interested in dealing for Tebow last year, they have yet to share any interests this off-season.

His NFL options are limited.

His Arena Football options are unlimited.

Although I'm not the biggest Tim Tebow fan, I would love to see a team give him a shot the way Doug Flutie and Kurt Warner were given a second chance in the NFL.

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