Friday, May 17, 2013

Tennis Player Viktor Troicki has Epic Meltdown for the Ages

Meltdown is nor even the word. Although I was originally against Viktor Troicki reaction — low-down: hit a cross-court back-hand that went deep and appeared to have clip the line. But the chair umpire called-it-out. That call and re-call, led to One of the Most Animated & Unraveled Tennis Player — who completely lost it.

Troicki exploded complained about the call, leading to him and the umpire investigating the mark the ball left on the clay court. Viktor adamantly pointed-out that there was no space (from space!) between the mark the ball left on the court and the baseline — regardless o the theatrics, umpire (the the cool & calm person that he seemed to be) refused to change his call.

“You don’t want to correct yourself. You’re wrong,” Troicki kept repeating while making a huge scene.

“From space you can see it’s there,” he said, drawing plenty of laughter.

“You are 100 percent wrong. I wouldn’t make a show out of this,” he continued.

Then around the 2:45 mark, takes the cameramen and has them come out to film a zoomed-in shot of the ball. The camera guys seemed to be loving it, too.

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