Friday, June 14, 2013

"Carpe Diem (Live)" – August Burns Red

"...AUGUST BURNS RED is perhaps the Most Sonically Creative & Technically-Skilled Technicians in the Heavy Metal / Hard Core Scene — I've followed & watched them grow from young, teenagers composing some of the Most Brutal Breakdowns in Extreme Music -to- savvy, tour vets who composes flamenco while incorporating country-slide guitars — the "real" gem in the band is drumming prod • Matt Greiner - One of the Sickest Drummers in the World Today! #WatchandListen #ABR #CarpeDiem" — KONGFUSION®

"Carpe Diem (Live)" – August Burns Red

Jake Luhrs - Vocals
I've thrown away all of my outside distractions.
I'm diving headfirst to chase a dream that I won't let go.

Dustin Davidson - Bass & backing vocals
'It's worthless. A waste of time.
This goal is out of reach.
You better 
fall back in line.

Jake Luhrs
This is what I need.
You are what I need.
I need motivation to prove you wrong.
And I will prove you wrong.

Dustin Davidson
"What makes you think that you are different?
How can you chase these dreams?
They've become a chore."

Jake Luhrs
I know I'm close.
I'm almost there.
Just a little more.
And I will prevail through what you call "ignorance."
I will prevail.

Now I've chased this dream to do what I love and I wouldn't trade it for a thing.
Now I've chased this dream and I made it out alive.
I wouldn't trade it for a thing.
I threw away what nay-sayers say and started on a race that I had to win
For myself.

Dustin Davidson
"And you proved me wrong.
You proved me wrong."

Jake Luhrs
All I've learned is teaching me more.
All I know is driving me on.

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