Saturday, June 1, 2013

Computer -vs- Smartphone | Qualified Newest Smartphone June 1st, 2013

*Purchase smartphone for $199.99 w/ 2-yr agmt w/ min
monthly voice & data plans or Mobile Share plan & receive
$100 instant savings w/qualified trade-in 3 yrs or newer.

Once upon a time... ...I remember getting into a bit of an argument w/ one theKONGLIST® staff members.

"What do you mean you didn't print-out the contact mailing sheets?"

'I totally forgot...'

"Well, I sent an e-mail reminder — specifically reminding everyone of their specific duties for tomorrow's Grand Opening!"

'I didn't get it...'

"It was sent, please check your e-mails."

'How can I?! I told you my computer died....'

"I know that but you have your smartphone, right?"

'Yes but it's not connected to a printer....'

"Okay –enough of the fun and games, I see that you're on your smartphone 24/7...Twitter, Facebook, Model Mayhem, whatever. Although I can't stand using and prefer a "real" computer over a "smartphone" computer, you can do just about everything a computer can except that it's on a mobile network & please stop with the excuses and do your job."

~The End~

End Note: She began working at other parties; which is fine since there's no such thing as "loyalty" anymore in the New York Nightlife Industry but why should there be? The nightlife game is a "grand" hustle; which works best when you collaborate with others. She was evidently "let-go" a few weeks later.

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