Sunday, June 16, 2013

HBO's Game Of Thrones: Family Tree

HBO's A Web Of Thrones: Who's Who

(HBO) Family Tree

One of the best things about HBO's Game Of Thrones is its vast array of memorable and unique cast of characters. Diversity is the key and the 'award-winning' series has blessed its legions of loyal fans w/ a distinctively colourful mix of killer personalities within a complex web of immense lineage.

Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen a.k.a. Daenerys Stormborn • Queen of Meereen • Dragon Mother / Mother of Dragons / The Dragon Queen • Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea • Queen of the Andals • Rhoynar and the First Men • Lady Regnant of the Seven Kingdoms / Queen of the Seven Kingdoms • Silver Lady / Silver Queen • Daenerys of the House Targaryen • First of Her Name • Princess of Dragonstone • Protector of the Realm • Breaker of Chains • The Unburnt

From my dream wifey — Daenerys Targaryen; a platinum blonde 'monarch butterfly' who transforms from a exiled/delicate/prized creature into a powerful Mother of Dragons who's hell-bent on reclaiming the Seven Kingdoms.


Perhaps my favorite on-screen persona — Tyrion Lannister; a whimsical yet witty character whose purpose (from the onset) seemed to be that of a 'court jester' on the receiving end of tasteless jokes...

...but lo and behold, the gravely-underestimated and sardonic "imp" — whose ultimate goal was to 'drink himself to death' — used his cunning wit and superior intellect to overcome the hobbled pity and prejudice he faced by dishing-out/doling-out some of the show's most epic punchlines!

Tyrion Lannister as played by Peter Dinklage in HBO's Game Of Thrones

The dwarf a.k.a. The Hand of the King/Queen, Master of the Coin on the Small Council, Lord of Casterly Rock; morphed into an all-encompassing crowd pleaser and indispensable GoT power player — Peter Dinklage earned 'critical-acclaim' for his acting and his character became a fixture of the show.


Unfortunately, casual fans who haven't read the 'best-selling' book series: "A Song Of Ice And Fire" by George R.R. Martin, can find it quite difficult to keep track of GoT's massive plotlines, extensive cast of characters and their complex relationships/roles to one another.

The task of keeping tabs on an 'adult-themed' The Lord Of The Rings / Harry Potter 'on crack' is somewhat daunting -indeed...

...just by watching the opening credits of the show (even for the umpteen time) can have an overwhelming effect on us -mere mortals.

For the unfortunate few -who are confounded in attempting to correlate all the pieces of the puzzle in mighty continents of Westeros, we are presenting a solution known as“Web of Thrones!”

Bookmark-it on your computer, print-it-out on a sheet of paper and/or thumb-tack-it on "The Wall" — utilize-it as an "official" GoT guide when you’re watching the "epic" HBO show...’ll be an GoT expert in no time!



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