Saturday, June 29, 2013

"Last Two" – Young Chris feat. Freeway & Beanie Sigel (Extended Verse). Produced by 9th Wonder.

"Last Two" – Young Chris feat. Freeway & Beanie Sigel (Extended Verse).
Produced by 9th Wonder.

[Young Chris]
All silence on the hammers I brung
Hear the sirens when the ambulance come
One hand on my nuts other hand on my gun
Keep that white girl tan no sun. Free huh

I'm bout to make niggas vacate the place for the rip
Put the sting in his face I pull it straight from my hip
I'm the opposite of Chris I be quaking my shit
Niggas lift, I'll be making them drip blood
Gotta mop up

[Young Chris]
Yup Get shot up from the top up
Niggas is LV'd down from the socks up
Tear that block up the minute I pull that drop up
Yall niggas can cop up just don't be calling the cops up

You know what? We don't rock ratchet carriers
Plague like malaria we will bury you pops fast
Then we coming for you next yes
Tell your niggas to get dressed because they will have to carry ya

[Young Chris]
Let them know the Philly boys in the area
Bitch im daring ya
Like live radio airin ya
Bullets tearing ya
Flesh fucking up your interior
Murder you bitches I'll make it clear to ya

Is you hearing us?
We flamers, Mike Vick couldn't tame us
We doberman pinch niggas, pitbull terriers
Y'all inferior, we are Sig Sauer carriers
Leave niggas on gurney carriers
Whenever aiming this

[Young Chris]
It's the dangerous two
Classic you hear the pain in it
All this bullshit music
Niggas should be ashamed of it
Game ain't been the same
Since we came in it
Right back we changing it

This is real hip hop
Hear the 2Pac, hear the Big Daddy Kane in it
All bars are hot you cannot fire extinguish it
They fade us translate us through different languages

[Young Chris]
Or get the stainlesses
Dont get us confused with the famous shit

We on some dump the tool
Leave your brains on the pavement shit

[Young Chris]
Funeral arrangin' it

Sawed-off gaugin' it

[Young Chris]
If you pussies ain't ready for war
Don't engage in it

You made your bed now lay in it

[Young Chris]
I'll spray in it

Leave you in a puddle of blood
You gotta bathe in it

[Young Chris]
Hit his baby mother, his cuz no body making it

Your family get the last few

[Young Chris]
Mother fucker we the last two

[Beanie Sigel]
Well fuck I'm the first one
To shoot shit up dog
Or gun it down
Walk on up on shit
Or run it down
Pull a stock on a k
Throw a hundred rounds
Won't stop til ya box lowered under ground
Put you in an urn your bones will burn

The rap gorilla
The whack rap ringtone killa
I'm here
To find a nigger equally realer is rare
You can meet me in the square
If you dare to come near

I have no morals
Just a whole lot of piss in a dick for you
Bullets in a clip for you
This is the ignorance
At least it looks that way when you witness it
Kill all witnesses

Bury the hatchet
Matter fact bury your casket
Shoot you up bury the ratchet
Dig it back up if I have to
I used to bump niggas
Knock niggas out for the practice
The shit starter, the shit finisher
I dont know whats harder
When they release you
Or when they sentence ya?
Cold steel could raise a nigga temperature
Collapse your lungs twist it then push it in ya
You'll piss blood through a catheter
Four five slugs feel like a bat contacting ya
Swung by B Bonds with roids in him
B be number one
Who want to bring the noise with me?

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