Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Not Everyone Is A Saint by Amasing

Not Everyone Is A Saint
by Amasing

Who has seen the 2000 movie “Erin Brockovich” starring Julia Roberts about an unemployed single mother who becomes a legal assistant that brings down a California power company accused of polluting a city's water supply?

It’s an amazing story (hence why they made it) but an ok movie. Still, nothing is better than a movie starring the actual character.

Unfortunately, not all movies end up with a Cinderella type ending. The district attorney in Las Vegas says environmental activist Erin Brockovich will face a misdemeanor charge of operating a boat while intoxicated following her arrest at Lake Mead.

She was arrested Friday at a marina on the Colorado River reservoir and posted $1,000 bail at the Clark County jail. This is “not” a blog to disrespect the woman who has fought (and continues to fight) for communities everywhere. It is a blog to show us that everyone isn’t perfect and we all make mistakes.

Brockovich is facing a $1,000 fine, community service and court-ordered alcohol counseling if she's convicted of driving under the influence. Brockovich issued a statement Sunday calling the incident "clearly a big mistake." I have personally made the same “mistake” as she has but I have learned my lesson (I think). Either way, not everyone is a saint!

Saint Dominic

But wait, was he or was he not part of the Medieval Inquisitions?

Oh well, no one is perfect!

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