Friday, July 19, 2013

Richie Hawtin 60 min Boiler Room Berlin DJ set

Richie Hawtin
Windsor, Canada

“The good Techno musicians enjoy having a good time, but can see beyond it,” Hawtin no¬tes. “It’s the closest to a contemporary art form.”

RICHIE HAWTIN has made his mark on electronic music by being both inventive and innovative. With almost twenty years of DJ experience, Hawtin has headlined some of the most prestigious festivals and events in club culture to date and continues to define rather than follow musical trends. His career takes him all over the world with tour dates in over 25 nations on average each year.


Hawtin describes his unique process “I recorded, sampled, cut and spliced over 100 tracks down into their most basic components. I ended up with over 300 loops, ranging in different lengths. I started to recreate and reinterpret each track and then put the pieces back together, as if an audio jigsaw puzzle – using effects and edits as the glue between each piece”.

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