Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Keynote Speaker (2013) by U-God

The Keynote Speaker (2013) by U-God

"...after only one spin, The Keynote Speaker (2013) is One of the Best Solo Wu-offerings –if not, easily the best solo album ever dropped by U-God a.k.a. Golden Arms....can this be? Two decades later, U-God's lyrical sword is still sharp as ever?? Although mainstream Hip-Hop fans seemed to have forgotten One of Thee Greatest –if not, Thee Greatest Hip-Hop SuperGroup of All-Times, I still follow their major releases and can't recall an album that bangs from the jump...normally, albums take time to grow on the listener but as previously stated, this does seem like a 'colossal' album after only one spin -literally...let's see what happens after a few spins — to be continued..." KONGFUSION©

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