Saturday, July 20, 2013

X-Box Fans Petition Against X-Box One

Fans Petition for Microsoft to Restore Original Xbox One Policies
“Give us back the Xbox One we were promised at E3.”

The petition follows outcry from fans after Microsoft announced its original Xbox One policies, which included a requirement to check in online every 24 hours, restrictions for lending used games and more.

We’ve reached out to Microsoft about the petition and will update this story with any comment we receive.

X-Box One

Fans have started a petition asking Microsoft to restore the Xbox One policies it reversed following E3.

In a petition on, organizer David Fontenot asks Microsoft to “give us back the Xbox One we were promised at E3.”

“This was to be the future of entertainment,” the petition says. “A new wave of gaming where you could buy games digitally, then trade, share or sell those digital licenses. Essentially, it was Steam for Xbox. But consumers were uninformed, and railed against it, and it was taken away because Sony took advantage of consumers uncertainty. We want this back. It can't be all or nothing, there must be a compromise.” —

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