Sunday, August 18, 2013

5 Best Ways to Rest & Recover from Hang-Overs & Work-Outs

Rest & Recovery

1. Sleep  2. Hydration 3.  Nutrition  4. Posture  5. Stretching

1. Sleep

Sleep is the most important time to recover. Let me repeat, sleep is thee most important time to recover.

Efficient & sufficient levels of sleep — quality sleep, provide mental health and muscular recovery. You need to get enough sleep, which is approx. seven hours — depending on your energy & mental levels, in order for your mind & body to be in peak condition / peak performance.

2. Hydration

Drinking adequate amounts of water is critical to health, energy, recovery, and performance. Water helps all of our functions.

Pee Test: Simplest way to check hydration is to look at your pee. If it is clear to pale yellow you are hydrated. Darker and more color in your pee the less hydrated you are and more water you need to drink.

3. Nutrition

Eating the proper amount & types of food is the most difficult process to master. Almosty everything you eat has the ability to help heal your body or to poison it.  Alcohol and processed foods contain toxins and are harmful to the body. A healthy diet is one of the most difficult diet to achieve because food education is often over-looked. Also, everyone has different types of bodies and have different needs.

4. Posture

One of the least focused on areas in our society — those who spend alot of time sitting general trend to provide bad posture. This is not a restful position — sitting or standing with bad posture is harmful — it can lead to back or neck pain, specifically for those with desk jobs.

5. Stretching

Stretching tones and warms-up your body, you need enough flexibility to help with your body's conditioning and remain pain-free when your body is moving — hence the yoga explosion that has taken the world by storm — and unlike viral videos of dancing/rapping/singing Koreans and babies named Charlie biting his brother's fingers, taking care of your body 

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