Saturday, August 10, 2013

Beno Udrih & Wife Michelle Udrih

Udrih, 31, signed for one year and $1.27 million, sources told He will back up starter Raymond Felton along with veteran guard Pablo Prigioni

By signing Beno Udrih, the New York Knickerbockers went from middle-of-the-pack -to- the absolute #1 team to beat in the East in the coming 2013-2014 NBA season. Recently completed a conference call w/ over a dozen NBA experts & historians and we all adamantly agree — every championship team needs a "complimentary" and/or "sharp-shooting/High IQ'ed/S.I.C.K." white bwoy who fulfills the "X-Factor" position — helping lead a contending, Playoff-tested team to the Promised Land.

When I mention, "Complimentary" — you say, 'Kevin McHale'
When I mention, "High-IQ" — you say, 'Bob Cousy'
When I mention, "Sharp-Shooting" — you say, 'Steve Kerr & John Paxson'
When I mention, "X-Factor" — you say, 'Mike Miller'
When I mention, "S.I.C.K. White Bwoys" — you say, 'Manu Ginobili, Jason Williams, Bill Laimbeer, etc.'
When I mention, "B E N O  U D R I H" — you say, 'Thee Greatest White Boy Role Player Ever to step on the hardwood!' #Chip #PromiseLand #3xNBAChampions #G.W.B.O.A.T.


Pardon my sarcasm, not sure if he's our Savior but I do know that his wife Michelle is HOT as [BEEP]!

Michelle Udrih

Mrs. Udrih

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