Saturday, August 10, 2013

"Planet Caravan (Cover)" - Pantera

" per Wiki, 'Planet Caravan' is a 1970's psychedelic song by metal gods — Black Sabbath....bassist Geezer Butler has stated that the song's meaning is floating through the universe w/ one's lover — hence the trippiness. Lead singer Ozzy Osbourne uses a Leslie speaker for the vocals' treble and vibrato effects; which was a musical break-through at the time...

...this track was later covered by Pantera for their album Far Beyond Driven (1994) — computer-generated visuals for the video were taken from Karl Sims digital animation 'Panspermia' produced for the 1991 SIGGRAPH conference. 

Honestly, I knew of this track through Pantera but never knew it was a Black Sabbath & un-covering classics is something words can't describe — perhaps certain joys in life shouldn't be described...somethings should just be listened to..." — KONGFUSION©

In the liner notes of Far Beyond Driven (1994), it reads:

"This is a Black Sabbath song off of the Paranoid album. So don't freak out on us. We did the song because we wanted to. It has nothing to do with the integrity of our direction. It's a tripped out song. We think you'll dig it. If you don't, don't fucking listen to it. Thanks. On behalf of the rest of Pantera, Phil Anselmo '94."

"Planet Caravan (Cover)" - Pantera

We sail through endless skies
stars shine like eyes
the black night sighs
The moon in silver trees
falls down in tears
light of the night
The earth, a purple blaze
of sapphire haze
in orbit always

While down below the trees
bathed in cool breeze
silver starlight breaks down the night
And so we pass on by the crimson eye
of great god Mars
as we travel the universe

†  R.I.P.  †

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