Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Friction Massage - relieve pain and sore muscles


Friction massage doesn’t have a fancy French name. It’s just a straightforward, effective way of relieving pain and sore muscles. The technique relies on the rubbing of a top layer of tissues against deeper muscle or bone.

Friction massage is typically done using the ball of the thumb or a pointed object. It is a deep pressure massage done in small circular movements to penetrate deep tissues. The technique involves pressing on the tissue and rubbing it back and forth over the underlying muscle. This helps loosen knots in muscles, increases blood flow and relieves pain. A common example is massaging the muscles on either side of the spine.

This deep tissue massage is good for relieving very tired or sore muscles. As a result, it is often used with athletes after a competition.

Do not use this technique over the kidneys or the back of the knee. If you have questions, always consult a physician before using.

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