Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Most Expensive BMW 7-Series Ever

This is the most expensive BMW 7 Series car.

This impressive world-premiere was perfectly staged in the large building hall of our sister-company, the yacht yard Robbe & Berking Classics. It was an evening of highlights, one of which was the podium talk about “luxury created for individuals” between Adrian van Hooydonk (Senior Vice President BMW Group Design), Oliver Berking, Thomas Schemera (Marketing Director BMW) and star-chef Cornelia Poletto, chaired by TV-star Thomas Gottschalk. After this, the select guests were treated to a festive dinner in silver glance, between mahogany yachts and classy BMW cars that was prepared in front of tinterhem, beneath the yard’s largest yacht currently in build, by Cornelia Poletto and Dirk Luther.

The evening’s culmination however must surely have been the ceremonial uncovering of the new, unique “BMW Individual 760Li inspired by ROBBE & BERKING”, the wonderful result of an unusual cooperation between BMW on one and Robbe & Berking on the other hand. Oliver Berking: “As different as both companies may seem at first glance, both do act and think similar in many ways. Our commonness is expressed by the word Freude – Joy – in the BMW slogan “Aus Freude am Fahren” (for the joy of driving) .” Both firms not only produce technically unsurpassed products, but these products create joy, well beyond the pure technical perfection, and strong emotions. “No matter if it is the enjoyment of a dinner shared in silvery glance, of a day spent on board one of our classic mahogany yachts or the joy of driving a BMW!” Adrian van Hooydonk added: “Both firms are strongly committed to the ethos of manufactory – the strive for perfection, love of detail and traditional values in contemporary interpretation.”

Thus the idea for this exceptional project was born, which both partners found extremely attractive: “If two brands each with such a tradition and experience get together to realise a vision, something new and highly interesting will inevitably happen. The mutual respect for the identity of the other brand was always the basis for the cooperation”, said Adrian van Hooydonk. The designers at BMW and the silversmiths at Robbe & Berking sought inspiration in each other’s work. “Just as the silversmiths got inside the car and absorbed its ambience, we went through their workshops and took in the whole atmosphere and the special techniques for creating silverware in order to translate them into the vehicle,” adds Martina Starke, head of BMW Colour and Trim Design, recalling the beginning of this collaboration. Which was hand-made: „Manu factum. Made by hand. Our silver manufactory and this boat yard are manufactories in the pure sense of the word. Each item from our silversmith’s workshops passes through 50 different stages of hand-processing before it leaves our house, but we do owe that our friends and clients. Nearly every single piece that leaves our house will eventually become a piece of the family tradition. The family silver just as the family yacht”, Oliver Berking added.

The common understanding of aesthetics, luxury and elegance assumes an extraordinary form in the BMW Individual 760Li Sterling inspired by ROBBE & BERKING and is suffused with the warmth and soul of supreme craftsmanship. The eloquent exterior and interior surfaces – crafted by human hands – as well as the sophisticated leatherworking of the BMW join the exquisitely hammered silver surfaces by ROBBE & BERKING to make a uniquely exclusive statement of individuality.

And yet at first glance it is far from the most conspicuous car – deliberately so. On the contrary, in keeping with the concept of discreet luxury and exclusivity espoused by both partners, the BMW Individual 760Li Sterling only reveals its merits upon closer inspection. Oliver Berking explains the difference between silver and other shiny metals as follows: “It has a uniquely warm glow that instantly tells the connoisseur it is silver and not chrome or polished aluminium.”

On the BMW Individual 760Li Sterling, the hallmark BMW exterior characteristics are finished in silver. The BMW kidney grille, the side trim element signalling the powerful V12 engine and, at the rear, the trim strip, model designation and tailpipe embellisher are finished in characteristic ROBBE & BERKING solid silver plating. The BMW logos on the bonnet and boot lid even boast solid 925 sterling silver, as do the interior design elements. 

As a special highlight, our specialists have also artistically applied blue and white enamel to the BMW emblem. Discreet ROBBE & BERKING lettering on the C-pillar as well as “ROBBE & BERKING Sterling” – along with “BMW Individual” – on the silver-plated trim strip at the rear bear further witness to the joint undertaking that produced this dream-car.

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