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Hannah Davis — More Than Just Derek Jeter's Girlfriend

Hannah Davis — More Than Just Derek Jeter's Girlfriend

Derek Jeter — a recent retiree of the New York Yankees appears to have transitioned seamlessly and prospered seemingly into baseball's afterlife. Whilst many legends of the sporting world have a hard time adjusting, No. 2 seemed to have mapped-out his illustrious career -personally & professionally, from start-to-finish.

Professionally, the ex-captain of Yankees decided to hang-up the batting (Nike GB0319 Jordan Team Leather) and fielding (Rawlings Heart Of The Hide PRODJ2) gloves for good in 2014. Logically, he and co-founder: Jaymee Messler launched a startup — The Players' Tribune — a dynamic sports media platform; showcasing the "storytelling" abilities of thousands of athlete contributors for an intimate "first-person" narrative into the fascinating sports universe. 

Personally -and perhaps not as privately as Mr. November would have planned, his wife: Hannah Davis Jeter unveiled in an essay for The Players' Tribune that she is expecting their first child, a baby girl...excitement for the power couple, mass hysteria for the paparazzi.
How does one feel — retiring from Major League Baseball's most incredible dynasty – at the House That Ruth Built – in front of legions of the world's most knowledgeable, loyal and -at times, unforgiving fanbase?

What does one do when they decide to step-away (as a transcendent ballplayer w/ 14 All-Star appearances and 5x World Series Championships) from The Bronx Bombers; an unstoppable force known to critics and media as The Evil Empire?

At 42-yrs-old and 'til the very end, Derek Jeter remained his atypical humble, low-key and modest self...perhaps the greatest player to ever don The Pinstripes; in the late-George Steinbrenner's eyes, Jeter was clearly the favorite...his professionalism is exemplary.

As Derek Jeter and his wife — Hannah Davis Jeter (a 27-yr-old Sports Illustrated principal swimsuit model) who has done countless commercials and fashion modeling for Ralph Lauren, Victoria's Secret, American Eagle Outfitters, Tommy Hilfiger and Levi's, both announce that they're expecting their first child, the mass media will be having a field day w/ these two superpower couple for years to come.

Hannah Davis is Derek Jeter’s Girlfriend

"Meet Hannah Davis here! No prizes for guessing who Hannah Davis is. She is not just Derek Jeter’s new girlfriend; she is a star and celebrity on her own, having worked as a model for big brands like Ralph Lauren, Victoria’s Secret, American Eagle, and Tommy Hilfiger. She hails from Virgin Islands and was picked up by an ad agency at a tender age of 14.

She is very beautiful and sex (sic), but this is stating the obvious. Hannah is also good at sports and she has actually competed in Caribbean Tennis Circuit. She is also good in Volleyball and was a part of the national volleyball team of Virgin Islands.

Hannah Davis is thus an exciting combination of beauty and brains. This is why she got the attention of a hunk like Derek Jeter. With the kind of image that Jeter has with girls, it is not surprising that Hannah was noticed by Derek Jeter.

Hannah Davis is Derek Jeter's Girlfriend 2

He is a sort of man who would not date just anybody given the big names of girls in his life in the past. It is not only her past as a model; Hannah is also rumored to be the next girl on the cover of the Sports Illustrated next swimsuit edition. Jeter and Hannah started seeing each other in the month of July last year.

Jeter has been notorious when it comes to handling girls. He has had his fair share of girls till date. List of his ex-girlfriends is growing all the time and includes names as big as those of Jessica Alba, Mariah Carey, Jessica Beil, Adriana Lima, and Minka Kelly.

Only time will tell if Hannah Davis can succeed in taming this hunk of man where all others have failed. The manner in which the career graph of Hannah Davis is moving upwards, it should not be long before she is a renowned celebrity around the world." Munira | FanDaily.Info

"I was playing on the junior Caribbean tennis circuit. I quit when I was about 18-years-old. I was traveling throughout the Caribbean and then I was going to these national tournaments in the summer all over the U.S."

DID YOU KNOW? Hannah Davis was employed by DirectTV in a 2013 commercial as a beautiful genie who grants wishes to TV viewers — allowing them to record "up to five shows at a time!"

 "I was playing on the junior Caribbean tennis circuit. I quit when I was about 18-years-old. I was traveling throughout the Caribbean and then I was going to these national tournaments in the summer all over the U.S."

May 5th, 1990 (Age 24)
Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

Height: 5 ft. 10 in.
Hair Color: Dark Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Measurements: 34–26–35 inches

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