Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Mushroomhead ROCK HARD LIVE Set at Ace Of Spades

LIVE from the Ace of Spades in Sacramento, CA.

Rock Hard Live can be seen on Comcast/Surewest Channel 18 and AT&T U-Verse Sacramento at 11:00 PM every other Thursday. Rock Hard Live is the work of William Hodgson. William works tirelessly in the Sacramento area promoting hard rock and heavy metal. In addition to Rock Hard Live, William promotes new music as an Authority for Great New Metal and as an Internet DJ for GetBrutal.fm.

00:00/04:08 - "43"
04:08/07:52 - "Kill Tomorrow"
08:28/11:40 - "Sun Doesn't Rise"
12:06/15:29 - "12 Hundred"
16:21/21:46 - "Bwomp"
23:25/27:13 - "Come On"
27:42/32:15 - "Save us/Embrace the Ending"
34:05/37:13 - "Damage Done"
37:40/40:35 - "Simple Survival"
42:02/46:06 - "Solitaire Unraveling"
46:55/52:22 - "Empty Spaces/Born Of Desire"

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