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The Pitiful Story Of Tony Farmer

The Pitiful Story Of Tony Farmer

In August of 2012, one of the nation's top high school basketball recruits — Tony Farmer; a naturally-skilled and physically-gifted 6’7" wing player (who had offers from elite collegiate programs like Michigan, West Virginia, Illinois and other top-level "Division I" NCAA schools) literally collapsed in front of the courtroom camera after the judge read his sentencing.

His lifeless bodily collapse, is in stark contrast to the Caught On Tape building surveillance video of Farmer viciously assaulting and beating his ex-girlfriend — Andrea Lane.
lthough she was physically victimized -astonishingly enough, she actually begged the judicial system to give him another chance, in hopes of lessening the initial charges. It's a head-shaking recurrence and typical life-cycle of countless victims of abuse.


The disturbing surveillance video shows him dragging her by the hair and violently striking her several times at Bedford Heights apartment complex's lobby in Cleveland, Ohio.

Tony Farmer and his -then girlfriend: Andrea Lane, during happier times

Sadly, many of the victims of domestic violence do see their abuser as a meal-ticket to greater pastures and that is one of the sole reasons why perpetrators are never prosecuted to the fullest-extent of the law. 

Judge Pamela Barker said of the video,

"Lane is literally cowering in a corner and she is trying to push him away from her. And ultimately, then, he, hits her in the head several times as she is cowered in that corner." 

Painstakingly enough, despite what she went through — Lane told the court that Farmer does not belong in prison. His coach, Sonny Johnson, spoke for Farmer, as well.

"I'm here to say with my heart, that this young man, if you give him an opportunity, in five years from now, he's gonna make you proud. I know it. I know him," Johnson said. 

"I don't know what type of help he needs. I don't know what was wrong with him that day. I know he was a good person. I hope he still is. I hope he learns from this," Lane said.

Perhaps these words of support from the victim and coach would translate to fortunes and dollar signs if Farmer ever gets a chance to live out his hoop dreams?

Tony Farmer was a highly-touted stand-out at Garfield Heights; who many considered a superstar-in-the-making and was one of the country's Top 100 high school basketball recruits...major colleges nationwide came knocking on his door when he was in the 10th grade.

'Oh sh*t! I gotta serve time for smackin' a [bleep]?! Oh, hell no...(let me faint real-quick
in front of the judge)...okay, ya'll can pick-me-up now!' Faint? Faint I this! Ya'll filmin' right?'

Regardless of his status, Farmer fainted and fell to the courtroom floor when a Cuyahoga County judge sentenced him to several years in prison for the brutal assault.

In addition to the prison sentence, Farmer also got probation. Incredibly, Judge Barker said he can apply for early release after serving 180 days.


WOW...'s befuddling to one's mind -- how a 6' 7" 200+ lb. athlete who used his physical attributes to drag and pummel a 5' 4" woman can also fall to the ground and plea for mercy (like a lifeless little b*tch) — and perhaps more befuddling, is that the victim would even have the audacity to stand by and support this coward?! (Let's all hold hands and say-it-again, "WOW!")

'Hi -my name is Tony, and I'm a thug — on the courts and in the lobby''

Unfortunately, it's stories like this that makes you scratch your head (in total amazement) and shake your head (in total disbelief). Perhaps he thought he was above the law — and similar to many of his counterparts, many star athletes of today often feel as if they are actually above the law and should be exempted from any negative consequences.

"Accountability" — it's a popular term that seems to be stressed more frequently than not during these modern times. In fact, it should be an imperative term that he should abide-by if he hopes to one day rebound from this domestic violence case.

'Why? Why your honor...WHY?!?'

Star players who break the law are often exempted from any negative consequences — they are usually given a free pass w/ people looking the other way — but those players (in particular; because they are role models in the limelight) should be held accountable for failings.

Some say urban love seemingly involves physical and mental abuse; an extreme form of tough love but his actions — superstar recruit or not, can not and should not be condoned.

Please think twice before you strike a woman (or any person for that matter) or else get set to suffer the consequences. — KONG | theKONGBLOG
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