Wednesday, December 4, 2013

What Would You Do? Ask Timofey Mozgov

Back in February 2011, my all-time favorite sports team — the New York Knicks completed a three-team, 13-player blockbuster trade for the ages with the Denver Nuggets for coveted All-Star and former third-overall pick of the 2003 NBA Draft  — Carmelo Anthony.

The Knicks sent some of my current favorite NBA players — Danilo Gallinari, Wilson Chandler, Raymond Felton, Timofey Mozgov, a 2014 first-round pick, two second-round picks and the conditional right to swap the 2016 first round pick to Denver; they also sent Anthony Randolph, Eddy Curry and cash to Minnesota.

In turn, the Knicks received Anthony, Chauncey Billups, Anthony Carter, Renaldo Balkman and Shelden Williams from Denver and Corey Brewer from Minnesota.

No one — except for Carmelo Anthony, remains on the Knicks roster. Granted they amnestied Billups to acquire Tyson Chandler but even he was not the defensive benefactor they had hoped for in their two consecutive Playoff runs — the former Defensive Player of the Year battled the flu in 2011-12 and was hobbled crippled by a neck injury in 2012-13.

Although I was happy for him, it was disheartening to see David Lee make the All-Star team again in 2012-13 as a Golden State Warrior and when I began blogging the Top 10 NBA Plays of the Night, it was equally frustrating seeing highlights from my former-favorite Knickerbockers — Nate RobinsonJamal Crawford & Jeremy Lin being posted on a routine basis.


Hek, even the awkward forward and former Knicks' #6 Pick of the 2008 NBA Draft — Danilo "The Rooster" Gallinari has an exciting YouTube video showcasing his Top 10 Plays of the Year — including the Shot of the Century!

To pour salt in the wound, with the injuries this year to Denver Nugget's JaVale McGee, the former laughing stock of the NBA  — Timofey Mozgov; a player who was posterized by several NBA players in recent years -including The Facial Heard Around The World courtesy of Blake Griffin, has been putting-up monster #'s and making several appearances on NBA's Top 10 Plays of the Night.

Many convoluted fans, fail to realize that this fundamentally-sound Russian Giant is rather skilled and mobile for a big man (a rarity in this league) and he was perhaps, the deal-breaker — the final player Nuggets' management held-out to secure in the aforementioned blockbuster deal.

The term "Mozgov'ed" means "to be destroyed or posterized
by being severely dunked on
As an undrafted prospect out of Russia, Mozgov entered the NBA w/ a three-year, $9.7 million contract w/ the Knicks in 2010 and then reached an agreement on a three-year, $14 million contract extension w/ the Denver Nuggets in 2013.

Granted, the term "Mozgov'ed" was recently coined from being viciously dunked-on by the likes of high-flyers: Blake GriffinTaj Gibson and DeMar DeRozanTimofey Mozgov has been quietly making the most out of the extra minutes he's been given this year. Mozgov has put-up his second consecutive double-double w/ 16 points, 15 rebounds, 2 steals and 2 blocks on 12/01/13 and then 17 points, a career-high 20 rebounds, 1 steal & 2 blocks on 12/03/13.

Although the NBA season is a long and winding one, ask yourself — if you had to do it again, "What what you do?" — theKONGBLOG™

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