Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Brian Bosworth's Epic E-mail & Twitter Post After Seattle Seahawks' Superbowl Win


Brian Bosworth Sent Us The Most Epic E-mail After The Seahawks Won The Super Bowl

Brian Bosworth didn’t want to say much until the Seattle Seahawks’ Super Bowl run was complete. But as you might imagine, the franchise’s original badass loved the way his old team closed its first championship.
“As you can see the dominant performance by them was evident due to their complete focus upon the ‘MISSION,’” Bosworth wrote in an email to USA TODAY Sports on Tuesday.
“The type of players Seattle have and especially on DEFENSE makes me proud. It was the take no prisoners, reckless abandonment with no regard for their bodies, for the purpose to have possible (a) once in a lifetime chance to say ‘WE ARE THE BEST’, that every player dreams of.”
A first-round supplemental draft pick in 1987, Bosworth played 24 games over three seasons before injuries forced him to retire and he focused on his acting career.
His trash talk towards the Denver Broncos’ quarterback before his NFL debut –- “I can’t wait to get my hands on John Elway’s boyish face” – might have been the most famous Seahawks boast until Richard Sherman’s post-NFC title game rant. (No offense, Matt Hasselbeck.)
But Bosworth, 48, declined an interview request from USA TODAY Sports two weeks ago, saying he respects Sherman’s “high degree of intensity and drive,” emotions can be taken out of context and he didn’t want to bring any attention to himself by drawing parallels.

Two days after the Seahawks dismantled Peyton Manning and the Elway-constructed Broncos 43-8 in Super Bowl XLVIII, Bosworth – who did tweet a photo of himself pointing in Elway’s face from that 1987 game on Sunday night –- reached out to say it turned out the way he wanted.

I was proud to wear their colors during my time,” Bosworth wrote, “but THIS WAS THEIR TIME.”

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