Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl XLVIII Report: Denver Broncos Peyton Manning Super Duck Dynasty


Denver Broncos' Peyton Manning: 'I do throw ducks'

NEW YORK -- Peyton Manning is like late, late-career Greg Maddux. No one is totally sure how he performs at such a high level despite some physical limitations, but he does it.

Peyton Manning appears primed to win his fifth MVP award, but the Broncos QB is not a unanimous choice among our analysts. READ

In a highly complimentary piece for earlier this month, Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman noted that Manning is prone to throwing some "ducks." Manning doesn't shy away from the comparison.

"I believe it to be true as well," Manning said Thursday. "He said he's a smart player, and I don't think that's a real reach, what he's saying there. I do throw ducks. I've thrown a lot of yards and touchdowns ducks. So I'm real proud of it."

Manning has helped quiet the "cold weather" narrative with his play over the last month. The Broncos' offense isn't exactly based on vertical strikes, but Manning continues to complete his share of long passes. Even if they don't always look pretty.

One of the things to watch Sunday is whether or not Seattle's defensive backs can close faster on the ball than most defenses the Broncos have faced. Manning has grown to be the best soft-tossing passer in NFL history, but he will have to fit passes in tighter windows than he's ever seen in Super Bowl XLVIII. This is not your normal secondary.

Richard Sherman wins super-rant & super-duck at Super Bowl XLVIII

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