Friday, February 7, 2014

"THE DUNK" by John Starks | Guest Appearances by Horace Grant & Michael Jordan

The Garden faithful had watched this scene unfold too many times, especially at the hands of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. The clock showed 1:26 remaining and the Knicks had already blown a 14-point third quarter lead when John Starks instantly became a part of New York sports lore.

Flashing around a Patrick Ewing screen, Starks drove baseline and exploded to the rim.

Horace Grant and Jordan be damned, Starks rose to the rafters inhabited by past Knick greats and threw down a vicious, lefty tomahawk jam over both.


An incredulous Garden crowd ERUPTED at the sight as Starks bounded down the court forever a LEGEND.

[See: Legend]

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