Friday, April 25, 2014

The Legend Of The Naked Ninja

Naked Ninja Resists Arrest.
Naked Ninja Gets Tasered.
Naked Ninja Unaffected by Tasers.
Naked Ninja Rejuvenated by Tasers.
Naked Ninja Counters.
Naked Ninja B*tch-Slaps Cop.
Naked Ninja Does Somersault.
Naked Ninja Flees.
Naked Ninja Goes Down In Infamy.

theKONGBLOG™ NEWSFLASHDavid Martin a.k.a. Naked Ninja went on a butt-naked street rampage of epic proportions. The astonishing video footage depicts law enforcement officials descending upon a clothless bearded cowboy (in downtown Indianapolis) who physically resisted and fended-off the feeble attempts -by perhaps, the absolute worst collection of police officers known to mankind.
"After being tackled by a sidewalk vigilante, the Naked Ninja rose-up from the concrete and instantly became a viral sensation — literally coming back from the dead whilst letting-out a woman-like shrill -or should I say, "BATTLE CRY?" that lead into a surge of superhuman, PCP-like powers..." — reported by Kong from theKONGBLOG™
Police responded to the scene and attempted to subdue an agitated 27-year-old supervillain in the buff -who was going ape-sh*t in the streets. 
"...the streaking assassin began striking onlookers and passer-bys for no apparent reason and was tackled to the ground by a pedestrian in a suit..."a witness attested.
Armed w/ stun guns & tasers — the amateur-like officers' futile attempts (including a direct taser to the culprit's balls) seem to have absolutely no effect whatsoever on the Naked Ninja; who continued to wrestle, wriggle and fend-off the degenerate group of law enforcement officials.

In fact, the thousands of volts of electricity seemed to have super-charged Martin as he began unleashing a barrage of counter-strikes — including The B*tch-Slap Heard Around the World at approx. 1:29 mark [NOTE: The slap was so strong, it almost knocked a hefty lawman to his knees — literally.]

After fighting-off the pathetic officers w/ a series of karate kicks via the ground game, the Naked One somersaulted his way onto his bare-feet — wildly fleeing from the scene before being tackled once again -by the same pedestrian, from earlier.

"Geez! This guy's like a ninja, man — holy crap!" an unidentified
narrator shouts during the epic video clip.

This unforgettable viral video shows David Martin a.k.a Naked Ninja -in the buff, rampaging wildly on unsuspecting civilians and resisting arrest (Martin was high on 'Spice,' a synthetic form of cannabis, he later told police) in the streets of Indianapolis that bystanders and law enforcement officers will never forget.

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